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Thread: New puppy, toilet training and night time sleeping advice please.

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    I'm surprised Newfsie hasn't linked this for you...

    Puppy's First Week at Home (8-9 weeks) | Dog Star Daily

    And for crate training -
    there's lots on google - essentially you put fun things in the crate with your dog, you train by waiting for puppy to go in (on lead so she hasn't got much else to do and then rewarding when the puppy is in...).

    Crate Training : The Humane Society of the United States

    10 Reasons to Crate Train Your Dog! | Steve Courtney Dog Training

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    I have a chi/ JRT cross. She is 12 weeks old, we've only had her for a few days but she loves her crate and doesn't really cry when she is in it at all. She sleeps through the night - I bring her out at around 11pm and I'm up at about 7.30am to let her out again. She is a bit bigger than a pure chi, so in your case, I'd still wake her during the night to go, but I think she will settle in the crate just fine.

    If you do decide to go with a crate, don't just stick her in there for the first time and go to bed - leave it in her play area, let her explore it, put her bed in there, give her treats in it and she will learn to love it, then, when she is happy being in there, close the door for a few mins, feed her treats through the bars. Then when she loves it and goes in by herself for naps, you can put her in at night time. She may cry for a little while, because she is used to being on the bed, but keep close to you, but don't respond to the crying, she will settle down really quickly.

    I think long term, it will be a much better way to go for you and I don't think it will disturb your child too much - you will be surprised how quickly she learns to love her den!

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    What a great read as we start training our little 8 week Rotti, thanks

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