Hi All,

I need your help!

Two innocent lives were tragically taken from us a few weeks ago, you may have heard about the young Sarah Frazer and the Tow Truck driver who got hit by a truck on the Hume Highway.

Sarah was from my neck of the woods and hits very close to home as she was a dear friend of many people I know, including my boyfriend.

A petition has been set up to widen the break down lanes in areas that aren't sufficient.

Sarah's car broke down in a spot where the lane wasn't wide enough, and even though she parked as close to the guardrail as possible, her car was still sticking about half a metre out into the left lane of the highway, in a 110km zone. When Geoff Clarke came with his tow truck to help, they were both struck by a passing truck and killed.

To prevent this from happening to anyone else, we need to get a petition with more than 10,000 signatures on it for the Government to even look at it.

The link for the petition is here: Roads Safety Petition.pdf

All you need to do is print it off and get 25 signatures. If each person who does that gets 25 people to sign, we should have way more than 10,000 in no time.

If you can please try your best to help, and even if you only have a few signatures, please send it back to me at: xallyxx@hotmail.com

It's much appreciated everyone.