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Thread: Rant tread for all occassions

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    What a B!tch!! Hope your daughter is ok...

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    She needed more cuddles and reassurance tonight, but she's a pretty resilient little thing. Plus of course I told her I'd fix it! I'd rather fix the teacher.

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    Wow, that is just disgusting, poor girl

    When I was in kindergarden we had a cooking demonstration and I got boiling oil on my hand. The teacher didn't even notice.
    I was 5 at the time and went and ran my hand under cold water and when mum picked me up she saw the blisters on my hand and asked the teacher about it... She was completely oblivious. Needless to say there were some strong words had.
    Thankfully I don't remember any of it, but mum still gets angry about it.

    And on the topic of bushes, when we moved in there was a big overgrown native garden out the front... We ripped half of it up, all the bushes went bye-bye. The two wattle trees out the front stayed though. They put all these big decorative logs around the garden beds too that I desperately want to get rid of, they are a haven for spiders!

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    People obviously have very different views about gardens. My sister spent a lot of money having her garden landscaped by a consultant who specialised in designing gardens with lower water and fertiliser requirements on sandy soils that are adjacent to a river. Changing from a palm and grass dominant garden to a beautiful native garden that was well kept and definitely not overgrown but gave privacy and also shelter to a lot of little honeyeaters and was very attractive, the landscaper chose very appropriate plants. It was a lovely garden.

    When they were selling their house, one lady came through declared that she loved the house but the garden had to go and that she was going to rip it all up in favour of palms, grass and more water hungry and fertiliser hungry plants despite being on the banks of the river that was suffering from the effects of phosphorus and nitrogen runoff from surrounding gardens. My sister was apalled and decided not to sell their house to her. Fortunately found someone else who appreciated the concept and the effort that had gone in to the garden
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    We are thinking of pIanting some siIk trees in our backyard, and a mapIe out the front - do they have invasive roots? we have a water pipe in the front, wouId that be bad? we are aIso ripping up our crappy grass and bark chipping and pIanting some shrubs and ground cover etc. (just thought Id ask whiIe there were knowIedabIe peopIe around (no I key so using an capitaI i, sorry)

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    my rant for today is that its monday, and i am itching for friday............
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    I love 2 things in this world. Spandex and reyzor... not necessarily in that order.

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