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Thread: So..had "peer" reviews at work

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    Default So..had "peer" reviews at work

    That was interesting....

    Pretty much every piece mentioned how I woudl state my opinion regardless of whether anyone agreed with me or not and I wasnt afraid to state my mind

    So Im reading this feedback, and thinking, god, there is a bit of a pattern here what is going to be in my "needs improvement" section....would you believe, not one mention of any of that LMAO.

    Me and my boss had a bit of a chuckle. I said to him "everyone must think I am a right mouthy bitch" LMAO. Luckily, he seems to really like that quality else I think Id be looking for a new job LMAO

    And I have had people say "I bet your only like that on the internet" LOL

    It may need improvement though as it seemed every comment had soem comment about my "opinions"
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    LOL my mates ask me my opinion because they know I will be blunt with them.

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