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    Default Flavour wave oven

    Anyone have one?

    We got one for Christmas (2 actually, from my mum and my OH's mum lol) and I love it! Sooooo easy and much healthier! We used to do pan fried parmesan chicken, lots of oil and fat. Well, I made up the chicken tonight (dip in eggs, then breadcrumbs with a little parmesan) and threw it in the flavour wave to see how it would turn out and it was better than the pan version!

    Anyone have any recipes? I'm about to try baking a cake in it.

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    Our old place had a really crappy oven, very old and I nearly got a Flavour wave oven but was worried they might be one of those TV gadgets that don't work.

    Hmmm will have to think about the idea again, though this place does have a good oven.

    Could you cook for 4 in it, two adults and two teenagers with hollow legs?

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    Ours has an attachment ring so you can make it taller, plus it has racks so you can cook multiple things on different levels. We easily fit our 2 big chicken breasts butterflied and a ton of veggies in it (more than we could eat) with room to spare.

    I said flavor wave in the title just so everyone would know what I was on about, but ours is actually one of the knock-off cheaper ones. I think it was about $60.

    I thought it was just a gimmick too, but nope, it really does work. Baked a banana cake last night and it turned out soooo yummy. Our gas oven is terrible for cooking a lot of things so this is really handy to have.

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    Hi CL

    Do you find it a bit noisy? My parents had one, they didn't end up using it much and it was one of those gadgets that ended up taking space in the cupboard and not being used at all. And none of us kiddies wanted it either.

    I don't remember being all that in love with the food that came out of it. And clean up was tedious because of the size of the pot and lid gadget. Like an electric fry pan is tedious to clean up.

    And our favourite roast is lamb forequarter and I don't think it fits one of those.

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    You could get a small forequarter in there, it does large whole chickens without the height attachment but decent sized ones would be a no.

    Ours makes no noise at all, the only annoying thing is the light that turns on and off as the temperature adjusts.... And darn is that bright. Not sure about clean up as I've been lucky enough that my OH has washed it every time lol But the glass bowl just removes and that's it, or you can put some water and washing up liquid in it and turn it on if there's baked on food.

    My most hated task is cleaning the electric frying pan, but being glass, and removable these are easy peasy.

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