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Thread: Pcos

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    BMI is rubbish. I am 5Ft 2 and look best at 48kg's. I fell pregnant with my 2nd child at 42kgs.

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    If I was 55-60 kgs I would be happy and in no way to thin. If I actually made it to that I would be rapt.
    I'm only 5" something can't remember but I'm pretty damn short.

    Grr it's hard bein on a diet at Xmas from my mum and best friend just got given about 5 kgs of lollies and Choc. But I just plattered it up for snacks for everyone tomorrow's Xmas lunch. (only a few had to be tested for freshness )

    Anyway will be on diet properly on Monday

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    I'm 166cm
    My weight starting uni was 58kg and I was skinny but healthy. My weight at 21 was 63kg and I'd filled out a bit more but still healthy. This year - depending when I look - I've been between 59 and 65kg. 70kg is definitely too big for me. Been there don't want to go back. Evil GP had the hide to call me 1kg overweight. I changed GPs after that. Mostly I go by how my pants fit me. Pants I have on now, are looser than when I bought them in 2003. Which is good. Got quite pudgy when I busted my knee cos couldn't do my regular exericse.

    Fastest way to lose weight is to eat dodgy food. But I don't recommend it.

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    I am 164cm, I think that is 5"7 ? I am currently 63kgs. When I first started dating my ex 3 years ago I was 55kgs and looked malnourished and as we grew comfortable I ended up at 60kgs, since our break up a month ago I have comfort ate myself to an extra 3kg. I am still be no means overweight but I am not a toned super model either. I am not a weight watcher, I eat what I want when I want because letting your weight rule you ruins your life. I learnt that from watching my mother battle anorexia for the past 22 years and it has only been in the last 6-12 months after being shoved in a rehab programme that she has finally started to heal. (FTR She is 5"8 and was 46kg when she entered rehab, she is now a healthy 57kg... so proud of her)

    ANYWAY that is well off topic, this is about having POS and conceiving.
    I spose like a raffle or the lotto, the more tickets you buy the more chances you have at winning.
    So get off the forum and get into the bedroom! The more times you do the nasty, the more chance you have at conceiving. Have fun!
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    I have pcos too.
    You all seem to be a healthy weight to me :S
    Im defiently not a healthy weight, doctors all tell me to loose weight so i can have children (they dont seem to understand that i dont want any) but i never loose weight, not even when i was exercising 4 or more hours a day.
    Keep trying, hopefully you wont have to wait much longer

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    Wow pcos is pretty common. And what is good news most of u girls have kids too. Well doc said if I loose weight my P might come back without having to take meds. For the last 5 or so days I've had a dull ache in my right side kind of like P pain but a bit higher but today it's been worse kind of been hunched over all day. Havnt told family about this yet. Didn't want Xmas to be all about me and ppl feeling sorry for me so they prob thaught I was in the shits all day or something.
    I'm now officially sick of people asking "so when r u having kids" or " when am I gonna be a grandma" (MIL)

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    Hi Tessalyon,

    I don't know much about PCOS, nothing at all actually, but it looks you can still acheive your dream hopefully of having a baby. I have two children but I had other pregnancy issues like gestational diabetes whilst pregnancy, more than likey because I was overweight whilst pregnant. I am a bit chubby at the moment, I have gained 13 kg, since feb and hope to lose a total of about 19-20 kg which would put me down to 65kg. I am 162cm or 5 ft 3 and then I want to try for another bub with my boyfriend. Tess, you don't need to lose a whole lot of weight, i am not skinny, and when I get to my goal, I will not be skinny, just slimmer. Being a healthy weight just makes it easier during pregnancy. I was fat before I fell pregnant.

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