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Thread: Urgent!! Help Stop Horse Jumps Racing

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    I used to be a strapper/track work rider for a Brisbane trainer... and I agree all those horses in the industry are well looked after and cared for. It's just the actual Steeple Chase race that I don't support

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    My daughter is a strapper., ( not stripper), and she regularly brings horses home that can no longer be raced. One in particular I think about, T.P. (True Promise). This darling passed away at nine years old last dec 24th. It broke our hearts.. He won several races but wasn't making enough money for the owner so they gave him to our daughter. A regal, beautiful gentleman. For years we had the vets visiting to see why he couldn't keep his weight on. We spent thousands of $ thinking this time they will find out why. Unfortunately it was due to being confined in a stable too long at a track and boredom took it's toll. After all this time and money, I read the back of a feed bag and it said something about ulsers. Then it clicked. I asked the 3 vets he had seen over the years and they said , could have been. After this experience, I think it's not only the racing that does them harm, but also the boredom of being confined. After this I think we should all take a horse home, no mattrer where we live, flat, house, farm, unit, you name it, give them a

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