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Thread: Bloody rain

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    Default Bloody rain

    We're going camping for a week on Wednesday. Despite the weather as my daughter really wants to go and I need to get out of town too and quite like the prospect of sitting in the tent with a good book listening to the rain.

    I packed the car on the weekend. No small feat on my own. I drive a little Astra. And manage to squeeze one child, one dog and all our gear for a week camping in there, including my daughter's bike and the whopping big box of toys that Santa is supposed to bring her (lazy reindeer!).

    Then I discovered this morning that the tarp that I covered the stuff on our roof with is leaking. So now I'm at work knowing that our stuff is getting wetter by the minute: pillows, sleeping bags and the underlay we put on our airbed. And am praying that our clothes and mattresses are staying dry in the plastic bags I packed them in. Grrr!

    I feel so tired, I'm really going to need a break after this.

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    We had three inches of rain (on the old scale) last night and only 3km away my father in law had four!

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