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    I have a question for any gardening guru's on dogforum, I rescued a couple of my RIP grandma's staghorns that are about 25 years old, just small ones that would have been taken to the dump, I have a couple of tree stumps on the property I want to put them on, do I need to do anything special to help them? I was just going to wire them on until they attach themselves to it.
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    Hey Beau.

    I wouldnt call myself a guru and i might do things diffrent to others but this is what works for me.

    They hate full sun, some will handle it but if ya can put them in the shade with only a bit of sun each day all the better.(Though at 20 odd years old they may be sun hardened and bulletproof)
    I use pantyhose rather than wire, if ya cant nick ya girls use some rope instead.
    I also like to stuff a bit of fine mulch or leaf matter behind and a little in the top as well just so it holds a bit more moisture but the old wives tale is to use Banana skins apparently they love it but i havent tried it myself.

    I put up a struggling plant about 2 months ago and hes just started to cover the pantyhose now. I water him nearly every day and he's doing well. Once they have a fair bit of new growth and becomes established i'll back of the water to once or twice a week. I do the same for elkhorns and it's worked a treat over the years.

    Oh,..and try not to rub off the fury stuff. Once thats gone it will go brown in a few days in that spot. I learnt that the hard way when as a kid i wrote my name on mums HUGE ones...i can still hear her yelling and i think there is still a handprint on my arse from the smack 20 odd years a go.

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