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    This is going to be a
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    When I worked at the bodyworks we always stayed back and had a beer before knock off on friday, it was only ever one. We had so many wrecked cars coming in we saw first hand what drink driving does.

    I won't get into a breastfeeding debate, might pi$$ off a few too many people

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    The media always sensationalises everything, it always annoys the crap out of me! Anything to sell a paper, regardless of whether its true or not!

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    Rant away!, unless its alt media it's all BS not worth contributing $ to if it can be helped, not only does it feed BS to people, people also feed of it and perpetuate it.

    I mean, maggots feed on BS, which in turn breed fly's, which feed on the BS, which then breed maggots. It's a never ending fly blown soup of BS spreading and infecting peoples rational.
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