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Thread: Summertime and the Livings Easy.

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    Smile Summertime and the Livings Easy.

    My favourite time of the year. I just had ripper lazy weekend with good friends and didnt achieve much at all. The yard is untidy and the house dirty but i dont care.

    Saturday- Lazy morning sleeping in. Decided to walk down to the rocks and go for a fish. Scored 10 Moses Perch, 3 Flathead a single Bream and just before pulling the pin i scored a big Mangrove Jack. Released em all to fight another day as i couldnt be bothered cleaning them for a feed.
    Walking home bumped in young fella across the road who wanted to have a beer. At about midnight he had to help me walk the 30 metres home . Slept like a zombie.

    Sunday- Woke up about 6 AM feeling like crap. Grabbed the dog and went down the road to the inlet where we swam in crystal clear cool water and had the place nearly all to ourselves. Got home ,washed the dog, layed on the lounge and fell in and out of sleep for most of the day while watching TV.
    4.00pm we grabbed some drinks and chairs and headed back to the inlet's park for the Neighbourhood watch christmas carols, Santa, snags in bread, glo stix and happy kids.

    Summertime in Australia. Dosnt get much better i reckon.

    How'd you guys go?

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    That's the life hey! Yesterday we took the girls to Aussie world at "Ettamogah Pub" for my eldest daughter's 7th birthday..tell ya what, it wore my partner and me out more than the kids. I just can't handle fast rides any more in my older age lmao!!
    We had an absolute blast though I thought on a couple of occasions my lunch was gonna make a second appearance lol!

    Today was a total lazy day, I slept most of the day, and went on the net occasionally to check facebook and forums. My boyfriend spent all day playing Skyrim on the xbox. Kids played, and this arvo, we took Osk for his usual pestering sesh at the beach.

    PS..had to chuckle about your stumble home after a quiet beer...or 12, quite funny

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    Love lazy weekends!

    Saturday I had my Mother and Nanna over, the OH is in the process of building his shed... a 15x9m monstrosity, so we helped out there, ate to much cake and sat around. Friend came over for drinks which led to drinking all the beer and nearly polishing off a bottle of jack daniels (such ladies). In bed at 2.30 up at 6.30 feeling just a little seedy!

    Today, really not much, watched beauty and the beast and step brothers, put up the christmas tree, washed the dogs and mooched!

    Pretty depressing that I have to go back to work tomorrow though, could do with another weekend!

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    Summertime is definitely great for the soul!

    Yesterday- Fate brought us a new furry family member who had been dumped at our vet 18 months previously (a cat, who we have named Suki ). Then we caught the train into the city, did some shopping, and came home.

    Today- took my daughters to swimming lessons, said goodbye to Mum who has been visiting for the past couple of days, headed to Cityfarmers to pick up some bits and pieces, gave Flynn a bath, and that's it!

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