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Thread: Man Arrested Over Nursing Home Fire

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    Default Man Arrested Over Nursing Home Fire

    Such is Life
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    i work in a nursing home and know how devastating a fire would be especially if it happened over night with minimal staff on.

    every time the fire alarm rings at work i cringe thinking hope its a drill hope its a drill and thankfully thats all it has been (apart from the old spider webs in the detectors or too much talc used lol)

    i hope the person responsible is brought to justice these people have lived their lives and deserve to spend there last years in a safe environment and die with dignity peacefully in their beds surrounded by loved ones. not in a fire

    i would hope that the person does not try to cop an insanity plea and try to get off that way.

    grrr this just makes me angry.
    walking around at work today the residents were so shocked to see that a nurse had the potential to do something like that someone that they have to rely on and trust with their life
    it makes me sick

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    Its just so sad, especially when the families with people in homes finally think they're in a place where they are safe and can be looked after properly.

    I know he will get his comenth.

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