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    I found a motherlode of Shannon Lush tips. There are some podcasts too - look for the Afternoon Show with Carole Whitelock - though there are more with Tony Delroy.

    Here's a few. Note most of the stain removal suggestions are very specific to that stain cause and that fabric - if either are different - the treatment is different.

    For puggerup with the peeing puppy
    How do you get urine out of a mattress?
    Take the mattress outside. Wipe it down with white vinegar, sprinkle with talcum powder and hit it with a tennis racket several times. As soon as the mattress is completely dry, hit it again with the tennis racket to get the excess talcum powder off.
    How can I get dried dog's vomit off coir matting?
    Try glycerine, but it's not guaranteed to work. Coir is the hardest material to get stains out of. Use a teaspoon of glycerine with a teaspoon of lavender oil. Stir together in a small bowl, dip a toothbrush in it and comb the coir in the direction of the fibres.
    My dog has wiped her bottom on my friend's beige carpet and left an oily stain - help!
    Get a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid onto your fingertips. Massage it into the stain until it feels like jelly. Close your eyes so you can feel the change.
    My pets keeps weeing inside

    Dog urine is easy to clean because they wee in the spot. Just wipe it down with white vinegar.

    Cats spray over a vast difference and if you don't clean all of it, they'll keep coming back to wee in the same spot.

    To make sure you've found the stain, use an ultraviolet light at night to make the stain fluoresce. You can use the old Dr Who sonic screwdriver, available from ABC shops, or get an ultraviolet light from an electronic store. Mark the area with chalk.

    To clean it off use white vinegar. If it's on copper, lightly dust with bicarbonate of soda, then spray with white vinegar. While it's fizzing, rub it with a rolled up pair of pantyhose and it will come off.

    Dogs don't like lavender oil. Add a teaspoon of oil into one litre of water and mist it over the area.

    To encourage dogs to wee in garden, get a small amount of potting mix and put a bit in the garden. Dogs will head that way.
    PS this is the Dr Who sonic screwdriver - only Dr Who number 10 will do - it's the only one with the UV light

    And last time I went to the ABC shop - all they had were dvds - no toys.
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