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    Default evaluating eye dominance

    As shown in the picture, hold your hands out at arms length and with both eyes open, look through the hole formed by your hands at a distant object. Keeping that object in view, slowly move your hands towards your face until they touch your face. The hole formed by your hands should be over one of your eyes. This eye is your dominant eye and will control your aiming.

    Another quick way to test your eye dominance is to point your index finger at a distant object with both eyes open, then close one eye and see if your finger appears to move away from what you are pointing at. If your finger does appear to move, then the eye that you closed is your dominant eye. Try again with your other eye and your finger should not appear to move.

    I think I might be left eye dominant but I'm not sure. I have been taking notice over the past few weeks and when I try to 'measure' things up I always seem to close my right eye. So does that mean I hold the bow with my right hand and pull the string with my left?
    If you are a left eye dominant then yes you should hold the bow with your right hand and draw with the left.
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    Thanks again Beau, yep definitely left eye dominant, argh that means I have to train myself backwards!

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    Me to left eye dom

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    You can go to the shops and bry a toy one befoue you get ther real one training make your eyes perfet

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    I was actually thinking about just buying a toy one to have a practice with and figure out which eye, stance etc but I couldn't find any that were bigger than about 30cm long lol, that wouldn't be much help.

    I'm going to have a search for somewhere local that sells proper bows, so far haven't had any luck though. The local gun shop sells compound bows but that's it. They might let me play with it though, they let my OH handle all the guns when he goes in so I'll ask.

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