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Thread: I Ran Over My Neighbours Cat :(

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    Unhappy I Ran Over My Neighbours Cat :(

    I was going to drop Buddy home this evening and I hit my neighbours cat. She was grey on a dark road I didn't even see her.
    I stopped and ran over to her and she was gone. I moved her off the road and went and knocked on their door and told the owner.
    They came out and scooped her up and identified it was her.

    My neighbours were so good about it telling me it was an accident and were comforting me (I was a mess) I think they were in shock at first and were more concerned about putting her away before their (teenage) kids saw her like that.
    I have known these people since I was a baby I grew up with their kids and I feel so bad.
    When I left she had called my mum before I drove the 4 houses up to our house to let my mum know and to make sure I was ok.

    They have been such good people to me even at such a bad time and I wanted to somehow thank them or send my sympathy for their loss.
    I don't know what to do.
    I would be heartbroken if something happened to kimba and although I know nothing will make them feel better I still want to do/say/give them something.

    RiP Winnie xox

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    RIP. Perhaps send a condolence card as well and offer to help them find a new companion when they are ready?

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    I can completly understand I ran over our cat several years ago and my aunty over hers! Bad luck must run in the family.
    Sorry you had to go through that.
    RIP poor kitty

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    OH, no Sharoo!

    You poor thing! Sorry ! I hit a neighbours cat and totally freaked out but found out later that she had no injuries so I can just imagine what you're going through...Just was an accident. Do something nice for the owners. ie, Card and flowers or rose that they can plant in his memory...
    Don't be too hard on yourself!
    Take care!
    RIP Winnie

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