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Thread: People Just Don't Care !

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    Default People Just Don't Care !

    I was going out last night with my hubby, Misi and lola. We just left home and turned on to the main road when my OH spotted a dove in the middle of the road. Even though it was late, there was a fair bit of traffic. All the cars weren't even trying to go around the dove, they were all going over him ( so he was between the 2 tyres-hope that makes sense.) I was freaking out that the next car will just run him over... I ended up parking on the side of the road with my hazard lights on and hubby waited for a break in traffic and ran out to the middle of the road ( with cars zooming passed in the other lane) and grabbed him. Dove was stiff from shock! Didn't even flinch, didn't move...We took him home. Put him in a bird cage, gave him seed, bread and water, covered the cage with a blanket as it was a cold night and decided to.... just hope for the best...that if he makes it through the night then he'll be ok. But thought his chances were slim....
    Went to see him 1st thing this morning and couldn't belive it.....he was walking around the bottom of the cage, flapping his wings and all the food was gone.
    We took him out to see if he'd fly...he did. He set on next doors shed roof and within a couple of minutes another one joined him. He kept hanging around our yard all day. We were soooooo happy!

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    I hate it when you see jerks like that on the road! Don't even have the decency to stop and help a poor defenceless animal!

    Proud of you Mags! And your husband for running out onto the road!! And I am so glad he survived!! (the dove, hehe) (oh, and also glad your husband didn't get hurt trying to save the dove )
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    Thanks Ally !
    I was soooooooo angry ! No one bothered to slow down, let alone stop...
    and yeah ... Hubby's a hero this weekend ! he,he

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    Oh I'm so glad that you stopped. Its true many people really just don't care! And not just when it comes to animals...

    my husband and I stopped to help a guy passed out on the corner of a residentual street here and he was totally unconsious. No response at all when my husband shook or yelled at him. I think most people would of just assumed he was drunk but he was in a bad way by the time the ambos came. We didn't stay to find out what was wrong with him (once the ambos arrived) and maybe it was drugs or something but I just felt it was sad that so many cars woulod of driven by without stopping or caring. I hope hes okay now.

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    Thanks Boxermum ! I'm glad that you guys stopped too. Well done! Yes most people just don't give a _ _ _ _,

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    How awful! Poor little thing, just because it's a dove doesn't make it any less of a being than a dog or cat. Good on you for stopping!! I'm glad he made it!

    And you too Boxermum!

    It's like those experiments you see on tv where someone is getting abused by their 'boyfriend', or having a 'heart attack' and no-one does anything!!

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    Thanks Loren
    It was good to see him fly off the next day.

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    It's lovely to hear the Dove made it through his ordeal. I have tried to save a few birds, but sorry to say I have not been lucky with my efforts..

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    I know ! I've tried in the past...with no success, they're so fragile and get really stressed...

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    Good on you for saving an innocent little life Mags and hubby!

    That's great all turned out well and he/she was able to happily fly away after a cosy, safe night to recover

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