I remember a couple of years back a swan had an arrow through its neck.
I think it was show on that RSPCA show. Well they were being real half wits in catching it and i think what they did leading up to the actual catch just stress the swan more than it needed to be.
In the end the done what I said in the beginning and that was to use a net. This got the swan real quick.
Luck for the swan if this is what you could call it. The arrow went through the muscle part of its neck and done no other damage.
To now, I honestly think this is a pepblem that has been building up. It is called not being responcible for your own actions. As soo as they get caught it is down to their father never gave them a lolly at the shop or some other poor excuse.
Punishment has to be stronger and it has to be done to all. And no one caught doing anything like the swan/koala thing throw the book at them. If they are underage then place it on the parents.
Cause we get done if we let our dogs run loose.
I hate the, sorry little to strong and not all are like this. I really don't like the people who do this and think its cool.