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    I have just been told that the game I play with the youngest granddaughter has got her bitten.
    I will have the little one by me and when she moves off I pull her back down by her hair. ANd you should hear her laugh. It is so cute to hear this.
    Well she has gone to daycare and started to do this with a few of the other kids there. And one little boy bite her.
    So this is a game that has gone wrong.
    So if you do this don't. Oh and by the way I am the only one that can do this without her crying. If her mother or the boss do it she will cry.
    Bugger, it was a good game to.

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    Oh I have had a couple of games go wrong at my place LMAO

    We used to tell my son "Zip your lip or I'll snip your tip" LMAO He found it a crack up and so did we. Until he said it to one of his school friends. I blamed his Uncle!!

    We also pretend to throw farts at each other and that also didnt make his teacher happy when done to his class mates.

    Oh there has been MANY things that I have had to blame other family members for!

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