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Thread: Regional Accents, Do You Notice Them?

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    Don't ask me to order a beer by the size - SA, Vic and NSW have different names for all of them. ARRGGGHHH.

    So SA have a distinctive accent because we didn't start with convicts. Just ask us to say something like "annoy", "dance" or "castle" or "southwark" (but that's age dependent".

    I have noticed a distinct Rural accent, several Sydney accents, a gay man's accent, mediterranean accent - which overlaps with english as a second language accent.

    And time to walk the dog again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dede View Post
    When I moved to Qld from NSW I found a lot of differences. Peanut butter became peanut paste, Schoolbag =port, middy=pot, frankfurts=cheerios, plus an extra "es" was added to names. eg "Coles supermarket"="Coleses"; Jones Hill=Joneses Hill. Also, a 4 had an open top on it.(As a teacher I had to change to that straight away.) And yes, we used to dink in NSW too! The school system is also different. Year 7 is still primary school here. Makes it so hard for the kids going interstate!
    I did year 10 in qld (born and bred yeah )then moved to victoria and repeated year 10 down there. OMG, how hard school was down there, lol anyway i agree about school port and cheerios (that sounds a lot better then little boys like the mexicans say hehe) but I have always said Coles, not coleses, to be honest never heard someone say that but yeah high school will start as year 7 in a couple of years, so don't worry we are catching up with the rest of the country haha oh yeah whats with southerners calling a carton a slab???? LMAO

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