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Thread: My Son

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    That is the toughest job of all........Telling a loved one of a death

    I have never had issues with Police, because when i was young I was Nursing and in Darwin there was always a really good relationship between the cops and nurses. They helped us with keeping things quite safe at the A&E dept and other parts of the Hospital. The old Darwin Hospital was quite a creepy place to work and very open.
    I think being a cop in todays world is tough.....Not many people, especially the young ones have any respect.
    You should be proud of your son...he only job I respect more is ambo's
    Pets are forever

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    I have two friends that are in the Sydney Police force, as well as an older family friend.. The Stories I hear of what they get up to still shock me everytime!

    When you first join they had a view of how it was going to be and very quickly you learn to keep your mouth shut, eyes closed and ALWAYS stand up for a fellow officer.

    I am not saying there is this big coruption in the force but I am always careful when I have to deal with the police. Simple as that.

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