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    I went down the coast the other day at Currimundi, cycling along the bike/walking track to the beach, and a magpie grabbed my earlobe and ripped it the bastard! Constantly dive bombing me as well, got to the beach and saw a group walking back the way I came and one picked up a stick, for the maggie.

    Blood dripping out of my ear lobe I hinted to the group best of luck as it was one angry sausage of a bird . Bit of a laugh at my sufferage and on I went.

    Smart me on my way back decided to detour said winged beast and take the road back, wouldnt you believe it, I was grabbed on the ear again no noise only a squawk as the bugger bit my earlobe then flew off again.

    Two strikes, I had my sunnies and helmet on, ear flaps now on the apparel. list< .
    I used to laugh at people wearing bright coloured pipe cleaners and other th tings on bike helmets to keep maggies away. No longer will I think that is stupid, or weird, smart people learn by experience! and now I think its cool!
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    Getting swooped sux.
    Watching someone else getting swooped is bloody hilarious.

    I have a soft spot for maggies. Pew from Footrot Flats was a funny little bugger giving Wal a hard time but loved old Cooch.

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    I recon you'd look sillier without your earlobes, than having pipe cleaners on your bike helmet; though can't say I've heard of that one before.

    My mum walks her little dog in a park where a magpie family has set up home. A cute little girl asked her the other day why she had her umbrella up when it was sunny. First swoop of the maggie and the little girl went running back to her parents demanding she have an umbrella.

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    I have fortunately never had any injuries from getting swooped. My daughter got scratched last year. That magpie actually got caught and taken away by the rangers as it was bloody aggressive and was nesting in between a preschool and a primary school!

    This vid (obviously made by some bored young scientists) made me laugh: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself

    I laugh so hard when my dog gets swooped. It just cracks me up. Currently there's a pair that swoop her at the same spot every morning. And every morning it goes the same way: magpie swoops the dog, dog turns around and chases magpie - hot on its tail as it flies towards the nearest tree, dog does some dancing around on her hind legs to get closer to the magpie in the tree, dog gives up and runs back to me, magpie follows to swoop her again and on it goes. Usually there's also a scene in there of me yelling at the dog (whilst laughing my head off) to "stay away from me!" which only makes her come closer to me until I have to duck too for the magpie swooping her.

    It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

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    Hahaha Beloz! Harley does that, but with plovers! lol

    I did once get hit in the head with a magpie! I was trying to walk through uneven ground pushing a friends pram with a dinky wheel! the pram got stuck meanwhile the magpie is going at my head and I am freaking out trying to get away! It was hilarious, even though it drew blood!

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