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Thread: Do You Believe Dogs Can "see" Things ;)

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    Cool Do You Believe Dogs Can "see" Things ;)

    I am curious as to who thinks their dogs are able to "see" things that aren't visible to the human eye, like spirits and things similar?

    On Friday night I was watching a movie and Harley was lying on the floor next to me and then suddenly jumped up as if he seen someone/thing and ran to the door of one of our rooms looking in to see what it was, he stood there for a while looking in too. I find it interesting, I believe in spirits and spirit guides etc so someone must have been coming to visit! lol.

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    There's a show on Animal Planet just about that, I was told yesterday. Haven't watched it myself though.

    I had a cat who used to freak me out by doing that. She'd suddenly stare at the doorway with this panicked look on her face and then dart out the other door, leaving me wondering what horrible threatening "thing" was about to enter the room.

    I don't really believe in ghosts or spirits myself, but I can still get scared of them.

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    When i was just out of high school we used get some friends around to my then girl friends house, get on the whacky stuff and do seance's all the time to freak ourselves out.
    I always thought it was someone pushing the glass around the weji board until i asked the so called 'spirit' a question no one else could possibly answer.
    Well, answered correctly alright and freaked me out big time.
    Her dog at the time was a young doberman x and it bolted out the door and from that night on it would never go in her bedroom and just seemed worried when down that end of the house. It was like it could sense somthing or someone.
    That was the last seance i ever did. Freaked me out man, freaked me out....
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    No Jadie I don't believe they can see, hear or feel anything paranormal (is that the correct term?).

    Perhaps the dog is picking up on smells past and present, sounds and your personal "vibes"? Might explain your take on this...

    I do believe they can see and sense movement that us humans don't...... Like a possum up a tree watching us, or in a crowd a potentially aggressive person, or one about to flee.

    They can hear things that still amaze me also.......The fridge door opening from way down the back.....or a packet of chips being secretly eaten in front of the telly...

    Not trying to make fun of you, just the way I think I suppose....
    ... Jade ...

    Aha yeah me too! wee wee or pee pee and poo poo's or poopie

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    i see them when driving into the country horses runing in the mist clear as day and at nigth all our pets that have past a way and in the padock and last week ruby cane in my dream and i wast talking to her we even have gost in our house who keeps the bad thing a way i bleve i got a give that i can talk to pets and thay tell me when there danger and good stuff

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    I believe they can and do see other things

    But also as Chipps said , the sudden increase in hearing is astounding if you dare to eat something without them !
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    this burr is her dad named max whos the dog in the next photo
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    off topic for just a tic

    oi Kass you need to log into your howrse account girl!
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    ok laugh going to do that to nigth rigth now im baby siting the little brats

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    From outside, my dog can tell whether I have opened a jar of promite to put on toast, or a jar of jam. Ie she gets some of the promite toast but not the jam toast.

    Not sure about ghosts. I dunno how I would know if that's what spooked her or if it was someone walking down the street. She definitely goes off at someone walking down the street. Not all the time, just sometimes.

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