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Thread: No Where for Harley to Walk! :(

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    Gawd, reporting a dog attack is like war and peace - pages and pages of forms, and you have to make a "statement" and they take your name and address, and the name and address of any willing witnesses... It's all very legal like - despite reports from other states about dogs being seized based on no evidence at all.

    Our main deal now is getting the right id on the attacking husky, but there are no other male huskies registered (last year anyway) within walking distance.

    Animal management officer, after taking my statement, went to visit home of nearest male husky, with a very good description - how many all white skinny male huskies are there? with very distinctive looking (foreign) owners.

    She didn't check rego tags on the rest of the dogs at the oval and just as well. She did say that having your dog on the far side of the oval from you when it is attacked is not "effective control".

    White husky did not appear at oval this morning either. I'm hoping, especially after having a chat with the council officer, that it doesn't come back but that probably means it's doomed to zero exercise from now on because it pulls on lead and bites its owners.

    Maybe I should put a flyer for well known behaviourist in Adelaide in their letterbox.

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    There is a dog accross the road when i pick Ruby up. He just roams around, they dont even have a side fence. His Very Friendly but I am so paranoid when I pick Ruby up that he will be near my car or something and Ruby will lose it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadielee87 View Post
    He normally pulls a lot when I walk him as well, so when we walk past a house with a barking dog its a struggle to keep him focused on where we are going and not wanting to run over to the fence.
    How about teaching him to heel?

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    I've just started to teach my dog a loose heel. I use the command "close" and do it mostly off the lead. I just hold a treat right next to me and then walk forward. After a few paces of her following me with her nose close to the treat, I click and give her the treat. I'll now be working on extending the time she has to stay next to me before I reward.

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