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    Congratulations!! Sending good thoughts for all to go smoothly.

    Tessalyon, best advice I can give is totally relax and have fun trying being anxious can actually make your body refuse to conceive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tessalyon View Post
    I will hopefully join u guys soon
    Been tryin for 6 months.
    At the point now were I'm bout to steal a baby and tessa is not far from bein put in a jumpsuit. Lol
    We tried for about 8 months with my first, then 1 misshap with my second. Sending some baby Dust your way.

    P.s If you would like one that is toilet trained, feeds themself and sleeps all night I have one of each sex to pick from

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    Tessalyon, I tried for 6 months with this one. I ended up joining the fertility friend site and started charting my temps. Within 2 cycles I was pregnant. I highly recommend it.
    Also, I used ovulation tests the cycle which worked... oh and evening primrose oil

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    Little boy pls bulldog.
    I was on the pill for 14 years and for the last 2 was on yaz which has since been under scrutiny for it's affects. Been off everything for 8 months still having 60day cycles. I think my body just has to learn how to work itself as I was 12 when I went on it. (for endometriosis )

    My best friend had twin boys 11 months ago and I'm god mum I've been close to changing the locks when I'm babysitting and keeping them for myself

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    Wow, Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You must be super excited

    Hope everything goes well!

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    Good luck tessa with your "endeavors"

    my family is ridiculously fertile...I had been on the pill for years and then got preggy the minute I was off it (and I was only off it because I was young and couldnt afford it that month LOL). I have been taking my pill religously since I had my daughter because I know if I miss a couple I owuld jut get preggy (my family has to be speyed to not fall pregnant LOL)....luckily its been 12 years so we doing alright lol

    I had a friend who was ont he pill at 12, she went off it at 19 because she wanted like 3 kids before she was 23...she didnt conceive until she was 26...we alll thought she couldnt have them.

    anyway, the point i am trying to make is that it will happen when it is meant to IMO, so dont stress yourself trying because you will make it harder.

    Good luck though, I hope it happens for oyu soon

    FYI: once you have a baby, you sometimes wish you could shove it back in LMAO

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    It's hard to relax when your are trying to conceive.
    Every cycle there is such hope and then when the bitch arrives, it's crushing.

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    My idea of conceiving is going to a shelter/pound and choosing a dog

    No children of the non furry type for me thanks.

    Tessa - Wishing you the best of luck and sending all my never to be used conceiving vibes to you!

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    I must admit furkids are much easier to bring up than skin kids LOL

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    can we talk about footy or cars much estrogen here

    congrats dan
    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    I love 2 things in this world. Spandex and reyzor... not necessarily in that order.

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