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Thread: Computer Scam

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    Default Computer Scam

    Please take this seriuous as it is happening now.
    We just got a phone call and the wife answered it.
    The lady said it was to do with something in the windows program of our computer. The wife said she didn't know too much about computers. And then the wife said that her voice change to a very happy voice, but she then told them she would put her husband on.
    I took the call and I spoke to this woman who asked a question then said she would put me on to someone else who knows more of what we needed to do.
    So I was now talking to a fella who said we have had lots of error prpblem come to their notice and they were going to try to fix them for me.
    Now we have never asked anyone about this so my brain was spinning now, I though this is just not right.
    He then told me to hold down the windows button on the bottom left of the keyboard and thenhit the control button.
    This brings up a little window. And he asked me to type in that box w w w. supportme I asked where will this take me. I never got a real good answer. He was persistant in telling me that have I done it.
    I said no I want to know what will happen if I do this who will be in control to which I got just do it and I will explain as we go a long.
    So then I said who are you call for or from and what is your number and what is your name.
    To which I only got his name which was Bruce Walters, I said you don't sound like a Bruce Walters to me. Where he said I have been told I sound like Ricky Ponting (if you don't know who he is, well he is an Australian cricketer).
    I said there is no way that you are Bruce Walter as you sound like a Paki or Indian and your name should be Raja sing or the elephant man.
    He was starting to get flustered as he knew he was made. And his tone became a little angry. Did I care ? not for one second I was having fun. The wife was telling me to hang up, no way I want to push a little more.
    He knew he was gone and he hung up on me.
    So I rang our Police here to warn them that it is going again. And they said they did know of it but it is so hard for them to get them but thanked me anyway.
    So please don't let anyone ask you to do anything that you have not asked for. If they get into your computer say good bye to your credit cards and bank details.
    This is so IMPORTANT to listen to.
    Alway if in doubt don't do it.
    I have made the ww thing wide so it doesn't become a link to it.

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    My mum got a similar one a few weeks ago.

    They went into this big spiel about how they had detected an error from my mums computer and they needed her account details and she should go to this certain site.
    Mum listened to him babble on for about 10 minutes then just simply said:

    "That's frightening... but there's one problem, I don't have an effing computer"

    The guy hung up on her rather quickly.

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    LMAO Crested that is halarious.

    Yep I have to say be so careful.

    Its different but my card got skimmed not last weekend but the weekend before, before I realised what had happened I had $300 stolen out of my bank account.

    You have to be so careful in this day and age. I wont be using ATMs anymore. Bank withdrawals or EFTPOS + cash out for me.

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    OMG K & P You have got to be kidding! I would be furious!!

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    Wow that's awful K&P!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldog_Lover View Post
    OMG K & P You have got to be kidding! I would be furious!!
    Oh I was and still am but not much I can do. I have reported it to the bank, my card was cancelled and they will investigate and pass it onto the police. That is about as much as I can do.

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    i had fun with one of these

    Do you have a computer?

    Ends pretty quickly.

    Can you do on your computer?And I say
    Which one?
    And then it gets weird because some of the computers run Unix.

    But mostly I just make stuff up or tell them I'm busy and hang up. Haven't had a call since I got an internet node phone and ditched the Telstra phone number.

    And I think my mum would answer along the lines of "I'll inform my tech support person" ie me.

    A lot of people entertain themselves by dragging the calls out, but you're only wasting your own time and making it hard for people you might want to talk to, to get you on that phone line.

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    I have been getting roughly one overseas private number call a day.
    Usually I ignore them.
    Now and then I pick up if I am bored.
    I tell them hang on, something is boiling on the stove and I will BRB. I just leave the line open for a while.

    I have asked to speak to someone who can speak english properly.

    Last call though I did the but I haven't got a computer thing and have had no calls since, they apologised for their mistake. lol.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I get those computer ones heaps. Have had about 5 or 6 in the last few weeks. I even tell them I have a computer degree and dont need their assistance to fix my computer (true) and they still try it on. Last one really annoyed me and I said soemthing racist and he hung up on me.

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    My comment to it was racist and to be very honest I didn't mind one little bit at all, as they were the ones doing their best to rip me off so this gives me and anyone the rights to be as racist to them as possible.
    If this gets these mongrols off the phone then so be it. They prey on the elderly and those who ain't too switched on. So what we do to them comes under the rule of pick on me and I will fight back not only for me but for all those who you have ripped off.
    So go for it and have fun like I did while I was on the phone to this sleeze bag.

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