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Thread: London Riots, Anarchist Blamed, False Reporting.

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    Default London Riots, Anarchist Blamed, False Reporting.

    With media sources blaming “anarchy” for the unfolding violence in London and across England, the North London Solidarity Federation felt a response from an anarchist organisation active in the capital would be appropriate.

    Over the last few days, riots have caused significant damage to parts of London, to shop-fronts, homes and cars. On the left, we hear the ever-present cry that poverty has caused this. On the right, that gangsters and anti-social elements are taking advantage of tragedy. Both are true. The looting and riots seen over the past number of days are a complex phenomenon and contain many currents.

    It is no accident that the riots are happening now, as the support nets for Britain's disenfranchised are dragged away and people are left to fall into the abyss, beaten as they fall by the batons of the Metropolitan Police. But there should be no excuses for the burning of homes, the terrorising of working people. Whoever did such things has no cause for support.

    The fury of the estates is what it is, ugly and uncontrolled. But not unpredictable. Britain has hidden away its social problems for decades, corralled them with a brutal picket of armed men. Growing up in the estates often means never leaving them, unless it's in the back of a police van. In the 1980s, these same problems led to Toxteth. In the '90s, contributed to the Poll Tax riots. And now we have them again - because the problems are not only still there, they're getting worse.

    Police harassment and brutality are part of everyday life in estates all around the UK. Barely-liveable benefits systems have decayed and been withdrawn. In Hackney, the street-level support workers who came from the estates and knew the kids, could work with them in their troubles have been told they will no longer be paid. Rent is rising and state-sponsored jobs which used to bring money into the area are being cut back in the name of a shift to unpaid "big society" roles. People who always had very little now have nothing. Nothing to lose.

    And the media's own role in all of this should not be discounted. For all the talk of the “peaceful protest” that preceded events in Tottenham, the media wouldn't have touched the story if all that happened was a vigil outside a police station. Police violence and protests against it happen all the time. It's only when the other side responds with violence (on legitimate targets or not) that the media feels the need to give it any sort of coverage.

    So there should be no shock that people living lives of poverty and violence have at last gone to war. It should be no shock that people are looting plasma screen TVs that will pay for a couple of months' rent and leaving books they can't sell on the shelves. For many, this is the only form of economic redistribution they will see in the coming years as they continue a fruitless search for jobs.

    Much has been made of the fact that the rioters were attacking “their own communities.” But riots don't occur within a social vacuum. Riots in the eighties tended to be directed in a more targeted way; avoiding innocents and focusing on targets more representative of class and race oppression: police, police stations, and shops. What's happened since the eighties? Consecutive governments have gone to great lengths to destroy any sort of notion of working class solidarity and identity. Is it any surprise, then, that these rioters turn on other members of our class?

    The Solidarity Federation is based in resistance through workplace struggle. We are not involved in the looting and unlike the knee-jerk right or even the sympathetic-but-condemnatory commentators from the left, we will not condemn or condone those we don't know for taking back some of the wealth they have been denied all their lives.

    But as revolutionaries, we cannot condone attacks on working people, on the innocent. Burning out shops with homes above them, people's transport to work, muggings and the like are an attack on our own and should be resisted as strongly as any other measure from government "austerity" politics, to price-gouging landlords, to bosses intent on stealing our labour. Tonight and for as long as it takes, people should band together to defend themselves when such violence threatens homes and communities.

    We believe that the legitimate anger of the rioters can be far more powerful if it is directed in a collective, democratic way and seeks not to victimise other workers, but to create a world free of the exploitation and inequality inherent to capitalism.
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    I believe it's connected to the "let them eat cake" problem that the uber rich have.

    Ie if you don't take care of the poor, disabled and sick adequately, they will eventually bite you on the bum - in small and then big ways.

    The telly constantly promotes a consumer buy buy buy attidute and right wing shock jocks and opinion writers whinge about dole bludgers and social security fraud - so these cut back until there is bugger all free education, health care, mental health support, and useful training for the unemployed that want it.

    The hoops that people have to jump through to get social security - put many people who are rightfully entitled off - and they end up homeless.

    In my town there are not enough supported accomodation for mentally ill or disabled people, or respite. These people end up being looked after in our general hospitals instead. And when they get bored - because there is no one to talk to - they wander off out the door and back to the filth they were removed from.

    Every day I hear stories about how we need more nurses and scientists and school teachers and every day I also hear how governments are cutting back on their places for all these. Many CSIRO scientists are now on grants - that last about 3 years, and so they can't get mortgages or support their families in any reliable way. If their research project becomes "unfashionable" it gets trashed.

    The world seems a little crazy right now.

    Here the riots are over the strangest things - like an unpopular band at a very popular free day out (Glenelg in the 80's) and more recently I can't remember the details but it was something equally stupid - large gathering of drunk people who were pissed off by the entertainment provided. Who wouldn't riot if they put on Susee and the Banshees instead of Cold Chisel?

    And the london riots most recent - have been equally bizarre - as best I can tell the people are reacting like it's boxing day sales and everything in the shops is free for taking. They've arrested primary school teachers, and nurses and public servants for looting...

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    Theirs going to be huge problems in the future for Britain IMO, I'm on an international Black flag site and for the most part people are saying 'look UK has 60 million people on this little Isle' theirs huge unemployment made worse by these austerity programs now in place, youth centres basically no longer exist, and we are getting 890 immigrants in every single day'.

    The riots seemed like madness, but the politics are also mad. I do hope some sort of change happens for them but I watched the Britians PM address last night or the night before and sadly I think they really do not have a clue even looted shop keepers are not blaming the people saying there is a serious problem that is government made, it seems to be happening all throughout the EU at the moment.

    I will be surprised if some sort of uprising doesnt happen during the Olympic games next year.
    But I guess the police will have huge powers by then in England due to this wake up call they had last few days.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    I think it could happen in the USA too. All those countries that have had governments trying to save dodgy financial systems are suffering. And given the governments have taken on the private debt often with no assets in exchange - they just bailed out banks for nothing - now the governments themselves have to cut spending and raise taxes to pay off their own debt.

    It's not like China could call the debt in - but it is giving them more leverage to buy up big chunks of other countries including Australia. Not really in my best interest.

    So all the social services are going to hell. And people are getting very upset.

    It might get quite interesting here if China has to cut back because their previous target markets can't afford even chinese prices any more.

    Gerard Celente seems to be good at bypassing the government spin and seeing where it's really at. Unfortunately there's not much on his website you can see without paying for it $100 usa per year. Too much for me. I did hear a radio interview with him recently and he seems very worried about the world financial structure ie its still based on recursive loans without any of it being paid off. He thinks France will chuck a financial wobbly soon.
    Gerald Celente, Forecaster, Predictions, Trend Forecasting | Trends Research Institute

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