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    i have been writing this story sin the last year and im stuck what shoud i do next and how it shoud start but this is the midle part see what you think this is just a story i hope you like it still alot of bad spelling

    By Kassie Jones 

    Cross country
    There I was riding my horse, BARRINGTON BLUE, in the cross country show. but this was no normal show like the ones in the city with the fake jumps in a big yard no this was the real thing like you see in movies just a imagine this your on a horse that is run like the wind you can feel the wind in your face trees going past you so fast you can beady see them go past then you see a jump a old tree that has fallen a long time ago I rise up in the saddle as he jump we landed and galloped off up a hill and turn right then left and right again we slowed down to a canter because there’s a tight turn to the right another jump was coming up I rise up again as he jump as the top of the hill was know as tree lined track the most dangerous part of coarse was coming up so I slowed baz down to a trot and turn left on to tree lined track I felt the wind just a breeze I think but it was not but I did not know . As we got on to the tree lined track the wind was blowing 20 knots. I think just then Baz came to a stopped and started to play up snorting’ pranced sideways. I kicked him on, as we moved on the trees were moaning then all I herd was a crack. As I look up Whack as the tree branch landed on my head and I tried to get the branch off before baz spooks two late. Baz spooked and started galloping I can feel the power of his four legs moving, I can feel the wind in my face I look up in front my eyes were watering can’t see the ground but then I saw a sign it said Mt red ruby to the right and the foot hills to the left I have to go to the left so I grab the reins with all my might to the left but he did not do it den it can to me he’s running in fear oh no he’s not do what I say I try harder go left baz!!! But no he went right now I know he’s not stopping baz!! Stop!! Baz stop!!! I screamed baz stop!! It‘s a dead end baz stop please baz stop!! And he did stop relief washed over me
    But just as I try to turn him he jump into a run back the way we came but as we had to turn baz stop so fast push me into the horn of the saddle ouch but I felt his back legs go up grabbed hold of the horn with my life as he started to buck up and down I can feel the adrenaline going through my body I grabbed hold of his mane I can feel my foot slipping as my foot came out of the stirrup. Whack, I heard a crack and pain shot up through my leg. Ouch!!!!! And I black out I woke up on the ground I heard my horse’s hoof beats coming closer and closer as I sat up all I saw was my horse flying over me Whack! This time the pain was in my head ouch!! Roll out of the way now so I did roll to the right big mistake I rolled of the cliff arrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Down I go I can feel the wind in my hair and again arrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!i looked down the cliff face was coming closer and closer maybe if i put my right arm out i can stop my self big mistake so i put my right arm As I hit the cliff i landed on my right arm crack crack more pain arr. ouch!!! Pain was unbearable i can feel it it was bad pain washed all over my body as i laid there in pain my head was a forbing pain and I can feel some thing some thing wet i tried to move and i was feeling sleepy i remembered what my dad said to me if i ever hit my head very hard and you are sleepy he said you must not go to sleep you might not wake up I'm not going to sleep I'm going to stay awake but my dad did not say a thing about resting maybe i can just lay here and rest till help comes they will be looking for me i hope so i laid there. I think closed my eyes just for 5mins before long i closed my eyes and past out then think I herd someone yelling hay are you all right I try to say help me pleases help me but I didn’t make a noise and the person galloped off after some time I heard more noises more yelling she down here she down here rocks falling we’re coming just hold on feeling them touching me all over and rolling me over on my back and yelling up to some one up top she ‘s lost a lot of blood and then a board being push under me and some thing going around my neck and being lifted up the cliff at the top more touching then some thing bright in my eyes then more talking to someone what I did not under stand and more noises that sounded like a chopper above me then I blackout
    Going for help
    hi my name is ruby and my horse starlight we were the team after kassie and Barrington blue I was just going over the jump after the log and all I heard was baz please stop! 10 min after that was arr.!!!! Then arrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Then I know some thing was wrong I kick starlight into gear she jump into gallop turn left in to tree lined track then saw the tree branch that must of spooked baz pulling on the reins starlight slow down to a trot I saw tracks going to the right but that is a dead end but they came back but then they are all over the place then run off left oh no jumping of starlight to look around I stared on the left no one there oh no please don’t be there the right is a 100 meter drop down I got up and run to the right and down there was kassie down at the cliff she was bleeding “hay are you all right? I yelled no noise then I said to me self “gottta get help now” got up ran to starlight jump on go star go jump in to a gallop turning to the left jump over log run turn right there was a dip in the track jump turn left run turn right jump left but then I stop star there got to a another way I looked around then I saw it a deer track on my right 117’ angle down the hill kick star she jump down on to deer track lending back in the saddle putting all my live in hands my horse give my horse her head my heart pounding at my chest. the noise to my horses feet going into the ground only 4 meters to go oh no then I saw it a log at the end star just jump over the log run then stop people stared to clapping then the judge can up and said what do you think you were doing that stunt like that and gone of course means your out said the judge “but miss there’s a reason” “what’s is that reason? “There’s some one up there who is hut badly” “oh where? “Up on tree lined track down the cliff “ok some one call the rescue team she joked hahaha ” miss some boy said why will she go down the hill when we are here to win if i was her and there was something wrong i wood of done the same thing to get help to. we are all here to win is that right everyone." yea's it's not fere kick her out for trying to get help. Judge said your right young lady your back in thanks to this boy you should say thank you to him. .just then a mum came running out of crowed “judge judge my girl is missing” “what are you talking about?” my girl hasn’t came back but her horse did’ "ok every one start looking she gottta be around here some were” “judge aren’t you listening to me I know where she is” "were is she?" "She on tree lined cliff " “oh no not tree lined cliff that’s a 100m meter drop to the nearness edge.” "ok every one stop looking. no one go on to the coarse. And some one call the rescue team ". "what your name girl?" "my name is ruby and this is my horse starlight" "well dome you and you horse are the winners of this show running for help and you will get a bravely award now cool off your horse and look she’s cut her leg take her down to the vets tent and get it looked at so I got of starlight and loosen her saddle strap and walk her to the vets tent at the vet tent Tim the vet was busy with a cream horse it looked like it was baz wait it is baz Tim what is baz doing here oh there you are ruby some one came and told me that star was hurt but why is baz here Tim?
    Oh baz is here because kassie mum asked me to have a look at him she thinks baz has hurt him self so far nothing now lets look at that cut. Its not bad just a scratch then he wrap it up in a bandage take star home get her a good bran mash wash the cut every day and a 2 weeks rest I will come over to check on her in a week. Oh can you take baz back to his float.

    We were at our tent resting I love being up in the high lands I start to dream how the land just so cool come out off your dream bailey we got a rescue to do come on get up get up now max said kicking me of my bed hey we have to go do a rescue oh I got up and run to the land rover and jumped in had a nice sleep bailey joked john hay I was bored I was the youngest in the team so they play tricks on me because I was the rookie i did well in training but i was late team signing day so i go assigned to this team but i like it here. hay leave bailey alone he got a lot to learn and he is the best rock climber in our team so we are lucky to have him. Ben said driving the car up the fire road as fast as he can turning on to tree lined track Ben stop the car and we all jump out john run to the right side of the cliff saying she’s down here she’s down here max tying a rock climber ropes to a big tree Ben your up bailey get your harness on now as I was doing up the harness and walking over to the edge of the cliff max was checking the harness saying do your thing bailey as I turned around and lean back and jump and stared to Abseile down the cliff just half way down my foot sipped caused some rocks to fall down careful there someone down there and are you all right I’m ok
    Hang on we’re coming just hold on one final jump and I landed on the cliff edge walked over to her from what I can see she lost a lot blood hang on getting down on my knees rolling her over on her back that is were I saw blood yelling up to Ben she‘s lost a lot of blood we are sending a board down I will like you to put her on the board and we will bring you two up ok right so I grabbed the board and push it under her and put a collar around her neck go as I clip my harness to the cable as we got to the top Ben pull us up . FROM BEN SIDE
    Well done bailey as I patted bailey on the back go call the chopper Ben her name is kassie Jones it says on her name tag max said to me . ok Matt you are first aid ok let me look at her you and max go pack up the ropes .as I put the last rope in the land rover bailey said the chopper is on the way how kassie going Matt she going to be fine I hope Matt said what do you mean Matt? I ask him kassie has lost a lot of blood and she has a broken leg and right arm and she hit her head some thing hard so she could have a sears concussion

    Ok Matt you are first aid Ben said to me ok let me look a her you and max go pack up the ropes. As I got down on my knees I saw she not in good shape blood coming out of her head were something hit her griping a bandage around her head to stop the bleeding after that I checked her leg felt down her left leg and it was broken and she also broken her right arm to me it look like she was in allot of pain Matt is she going to be. Ok she going to be fine i hope Matt what do you mean i mean she in a bad way and if she dos not get medcue help she will die now here come the chopper so i better get her ready as one of the chopper crew were getting out and running to us so what happen here a horse fall yea hag on Matt is that you it tom we when to school together tom how's it been years you it not the time for Rouen's you to been said oh sorry Ben so what's roung with the girl right
    Her name is kassie Jones bucked from her horse fallen 40meaters broke her left leg and right arm and has a concussion bleeding from the back of the head and uncouese.
    Dam that's bad i feel sorry for her well lets get her in the chopper Matt are you coming
    Tom i always come you know that well lets get her ln ululul can i come Matt pleases can i blaley jumping up and down sorry mate not today with her in theirs only room for me and tom mane next time Ben will you be right to handle thing here
    Matt i have been here long before you came and you better go now
    Come on let get her loaded boys on 3 1,2,3up walking over to the chopper cear full now esey and down alright Matt in you get
    I will call you when she there tell her mum not to come yeast the horse comes firts get home
    Settle the horse first then come she in good hands now
    Ok Matt see yea closing the door and moved away from the chopper
    And watch it take off alright back to the 4wd boys come on lets go
    Jumping in driving down the the track it was criet when we go back her mum and a little girl we got out she started to talk no mama no need to ask us
    We have to tell you any way your kassie has been air lifted to hospital
    Now Matt said not to worry she in good hands now and don't rust there the horse come first go home settle the horse then come she in good hands now and he will take care of her
    Her mum said thank you for saving my girl
    No need to thank us we are just doing our job mama and you should thank the little girl next to you if her and her horse didn't run down that hill then we didn't get too your girl in time
    You should got arwad for that ride and trusting your horse like that
    thankyou sere
    Will kassie be ok
    Dot know yet our medic will call us soon
    Thanks and good night
    And hay walked off
    Boys i think its time for bed come on now walking in to the tent i sat on my bed baldly sat in tge chair and Jon went to the fire and put the Billy on
    Any one what a cups
    Yes please

    Chopper ride
    By been slam in the door and the chopper lifting into the air
    Tom poked me than point to the headset beside me put it on so i did
    Matt it been years
    Who's that
    It bill we met on your first rescue remember
    Yea how have you been bill
    It been great
    How's that Ben going for you
    Great fun we just go a new be mouths ago a rock climber his name bailey
    I head of him he's a good one. Top of the class and one of the best i seen yep
    So what do we have here
    Oh a filly name
    Kassie Jones
    Bucked from horse fell 40meters to cliff face broken right arm and left leg bleeding from head cosine and uncounted dam that's bad
    That what i said bill tom said
    Well she must be in allot of pain so see what you can do about that now and a iv and tom see if you can put a brace on her broken leg and arm ok bill try to make her comtbul all plossamle and matt
    Yer tag you it
    Dam you bill im so going to get you for that
    Matt your on
    And you beter call in we be there in 10min
    This is medchop458
    We are couming in in 10min with a rider
    Uncouses recset team to be there when we arive over medchop458 we hear you load and clear the team will be the wen you arive over
    Ok on our way
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    any iders for it
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    Not yet. Will read it sometime tomorrow ...oops, I mean today when I have more time and I am not so tired.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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