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Thread: GRRR-I Made a Mistake-now I Am Worried

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    I am certain they are known to the police...esp the tall one. I live at the west end of the conservation area where most people find rather unpleasant such as the gaol, the cumberland hospital, the needle x place, m clinic etc. the locals who know the area and usually shake their heads. I know these guys heading towards that area almost everyday....

    I and my partner are true believers in living in community and those facilities that most people think rather negatively do not bother us. After all the parra park/lake and all other amenities are so close we really do not want to live in another area. The only let downs are some people who dump/litter rubbish on streets, do not pick up after dogs (esp for me), and do not show certain courtesy to others. Long story
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    lol, youre only down the road from me...... i live in oatlands which is about 5 mins up the road

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