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    I am 10000% for gay marriage. As far as I am concerned love is love, regardless of gender.
    The emotions you feel when in love are the same regardless of your genitalia. So if you love someone enough that you want to spend the rest of your life with them go for it.
    I hate people who say that allowing same sex couples to marry "ruins the sanctity of marriage", what a load of shit! People who get married purely for money or to allow someone to get a Visa or celebrities that are married for 2 months for publicity are people who ruin the sanctity of marriage!
    Owning a dog should be a partnership. Much like a good marriage it should be based on love, trust and devotion until death do you part.
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    Doesn't the bible say something about women who have been raped having to marry their rapist? How is that better than 2 people of the same gender getting married?

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    I'm all for gay long as both chicks are hot !!!

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    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    I will say I am not one for this.
    I do understand that they have the same feelings as normals if I am allowed to use that term.
    Call me strange but I am more against male to male to me this is just way too wrong.
    The other I am not as much against that one.
    But as a younger fella many moons ago we use to go out doing that same sex loving people bashing.
    Though I would not do that today as I have grown up.
    Though the thought of 2 of the same sex going at it to me is wrong.
    Before anyone asks I am not religious at all. So this isn't from that just my opinions.

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    "normals"? Glad you followed that up with "call me strange" because you are!!!

    Why would lesbians be ok? It's not like they are interested in you anyway.

    Gay bashing? Seriously?
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    closing this thread before I say worse than I already have.

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    Ok back to normal programming.

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