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Thread: What Are You Doing This School Holls

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    My work slows a little during school holidays and it gives me a chacne to either catch up, or take a breather. I also enjoy that there are less road users. Coming from a family of teachers... I hate that I still have to get up and go to work while they're laying in bed.
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    [QUOTE=Crested_Love;128934]I love school holidays, give me an excuse to go to some of the 'kids' stuff I want to do but would look silly doing by myself im 17 and i still go and play mc donnals play grondes I usually get stuck in the slides now that so silly

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    I took an 8 year old many years ago to see the movie rug rats. I didn't want to look strange being an adult there. My then 18 year old son came too when he knew what we were seeing.

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    Last year myself and my OH went to see Toy Story with his mum and partner... I'm 25, they're both 50

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