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Thread: Just Got Back from My Ride

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    Angry Just Got Back from My Ride

    i just got back from riding my horse im mad i saw a foal and it was limping and not using it rigth hind leg i think it broken it i dont know what to do call the rscpa or talk to the owner

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    Talk to the owner and ask if a vet is coming

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    Always go to the owner first.

    You dont know that the owner hasnt already sought medical attention so if oyu go directly to the SPCA you could be wasting peoples time.

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    Definitely talk to the owner first.
    A friend of mine had a very old mare in her paddock, she was very skinny, but the owner was feeding her twice a day, she was rugged every night and received vet care. It was just due to her age.
    The RSPCA came knocking on her door because someone called and complained, she had to fight tooth and nail to prove that this mare was receiving care.

    It's always good to get the story from the owner first.

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    thanks i going to talk to the owner first i think it the right thing to do

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