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    I may be a moderator, but I am also human and also have opinions and am a part of this forum as a member.

    My role is to receive reports and act on them. To make sure people stick by the guidelines. To try and clear any confusion on what the forum is about.. in the best way I can.
    To remove SPAM and abuse.

    I have no idea where Myf has gone. Obviously you all thought she was doing a better job than me.. well at least I am here doing it!!!

    I am pregnant, hormonal, tired, on edge and generally feeling like crap.
    Right now I am not in the mood to have people question or judge my motives or to accuse me of lying, or accuse me of abusing my power. I try to be fair to all the members of the forum and normally I stay level headed and don't let my personal opinion cloud my judgment. However, being a person and not a robot or door mat, I am occasionally going to get fed up.

    Please just allow me to do my job as a moderator and try and be a little more thoughtful. The other mods have been pushed away but I have stayed because I care about the forum and the members. A bit of appreciation wouldn't go astray.

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    Who accused you of lying and/or abusing your power?

    I didnt realise anyone was =acting that way towards you.

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    Hey pug. My question about where Myf was was done as she has been absent for ages and I was wondering if something was wrong with her. It was not meant to imply that you were not doing your job.
    Maybe Morgan or you could have an admin/mods only board where the 3 of you can discuss any issues or let each other know if you wouln't be around, away from the eyes of members.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Is this why a thread I was in the middle of reading disappeared and then the 'new threads' list deminished to nothing?

    Have you deleted a few threads pug?

    ETA: myf (aussiemyf7?) was online at 5.27pm today according to her profile am I missing something or got the wrong person?
    Last edited by Shelby-001; 06-26-2011 at 09:23 PM.
    Cheers Aleesha
    Lilly, OH & Boof ..... the 3 things that make life tick!

    All posts made under the name of "Shelby-001" are copywritten and may not be used in any publication or media without my prior written consent!

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    I deleted a couple of threads because they were doing nothing but causing distress.

    Yes Myf is Aussiemyf.. I don't know why she isn't posting *shrugs*

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    all i know she alive but she mustbe upset or something

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    Pugger; I've always thought you do a hard job well. Hopefully you know me well enough by now to know I'm not sucking up or blowing hot air.

    I'll admit I'm in and out of here... I get frustrated... Not by the moderating but because I'm human, too... But by no means are my occasional disappearing acts a statement about the way the moderating is done.

    I, too, wondered about Myf's 'absence', but it was more a case of 'noticeable by absence' than anything else.

    No, I don't always agree with everyone's opinions, but likewise, I'd not like the responsibilities of moderating either.

    IMHO, Pugger, your health and wellbeing is your priority... And I'll be honest and say the job shouldn't impact that- preggers or not!!!

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    I think Myf is still removing threads that have been reported.. unless it's Morgan doing all of them. I have gone to check out some reports and the threads have been removed.

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    Missed this thread before. Sometimes someone wandering through and bumping lots of older threads is good.

    Anyway Puggerup - you have my full support on all the decsions you make, even the ones I don't agree with - if that makes sense. Aussiemyf does too. I do wonder where she went.

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