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    Bobby has to be confined at the moment to one room - long story.

    He's getting bored though. He has toys and I play with him, he has room to run around and sharpen his claws and he plays with Batty too, but he's driving me NUTS at night... Bouncing on me, attacking my eyelashes and my feet....

    Then Batty wakes up and starts bouncing on me and whining and wanting to play with Bobby & it's freaking annoying. If I confine Bobby to a crate he yowls at the top of his lungs so that option is out...

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    Sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh but I couldn't stop the giggle escaping when I read this part;
    .....Bouncing on me, attacking my eyelashes and my feet...

    That is such a cat thing isn't it!

    I have no words of advice though sorry.
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    Can you give him a chicken wing or neck before you go to bed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinaG View Post
    Can you give him a chicken wing or neck before you go to bed?
    This is a great idea, I do this for both my cats, they are really into them and my the time they finish it im in bed and they are settled cleaning themselves of it etc... works a treat

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    Sadly he doesn't like chicken necks or wings, only breasts & only if people are going to be eating them!!

    I wasn't laughing at the time Anne!! I was not a happy camper! Definitely a cat thing... For the sake of my eyes I wish he'd learn otherwise though!

    He's now attacking a shoelace with a toy mouse on it, but that will only last a little while with him....

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    Is Bobby on any medication, or under vet care ? If he is please ask him first before using any of these suggestions.
    Original Bach Rescue Remedy now alcohol free for Pets
    Catnip is a stimulant for cats and after it wears off they like to curl up for a nice nap.
    Cats are nocturnal animals, try keeping him awake more during the day so he might sleep better at night.
    They get bored with toys quickly, don't have them all available all the time, have 1 or 2 out and when he's bored with them swap them with some others.
    There are a couple of good cat forums that might be helpful to you. I'm in
    Cat-World - Cat Forums & Cat Message Boards

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    cat nip is some funny suff it like drugs for cats thay a all playful then frats then out like a ligth arrrrrr my cat got my leg now get off lol
    you got a cat on the bed

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    get a big cat toy we got one it bigger tan my dad lol

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    Try putting butter on his feet, we use to do this to our cats he'll want to just sit down and lick his feet clean all night! and by the time he's finished he'll want to sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by emma View Post
    Me too. Love my fellow crazy cat people!

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