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    Default Humane Chain Campaign

    Hi all,

    Well I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this here so if I violated any rules or regulations, please let me know and I'll gladly take this down.

    My main aim is to bring about awareness of this humane chain campaign held by the WSPA that is going on and get as many people to petition against live animal exports in Australia.

    Almost 4 million sheep are exported to the Middle East every year and just under 1 million cattle to Indonesia.
    The journey to the Middle East can take up to 35 days.
    To make things worse, all these animals are being confined in spaces so small that there's absolutely no room to move about.

    Due to those extreme conditions, up to 40,000 sheep die on board annually.
    Those who survive are, no doubt, in physical trauma. Australian animals will no longer be under our protection once they arrive overseas.
    Needless to say, many of them are subjected to high level of cruelty upon their arrival.

    I'm really sick of people telling me that "they are meant to be killed eventually" when being asked to sign this petition. I really don't see this as a reason.
    Just because they are gonna get killed, it's okay to abuse them?
    So should we try to stop doctors from saving patients suffering from terminal illness cause "they are gonna die anyways"?
    I apologize if I offend anyone, just me venting a little.

    Anyways, I've been hanging around this forum for quite some time and can see the love you guys have for animals.
    I am confident that I am able to obtain some result from this post.
    Please lend these poor fellas a helping hand by sending this petition out today.

    For more information, please visit the following website : WSPA Humane Chain : Help stop the cruel live animal export trade
    An e-letter will be generated upon clicking the "Take action" button. You just need to key in a few details.


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    OMG! The sheeps that we take care here just die going there? Hard work did not pay off in this case.
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    It is awful isn't it. I can't understand why we have to import them. Can't they 'grow their own' in other countries?? I wouldn't have thought sheep are that hard to sustain??
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    Yes but it doesn't only happen there. the journey may not be as long, but many horses get transported alive packed like sardines from all over Australia to South Australia. I hate seeing that truck and that is why i will never sell any of my horses on.........Many horses get sold on and end up on that truck. It is quite a money making venture. I hate it. I hate animal transport. I have nothing against humans eating meat, but i am a firm believer in ethical transport and killing.
    That is why i love these new farms where stock is raised on the farm and killed on the farm.......NO transport........
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    There are some doG awful videos on youtube of how the animals are treated.
    Breaks your heart.

    The only meat I eat is born and raised in Tasmania so I know there is no transport involved.

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