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    so who has been on them? what worked for u? what didnt?

    I am 26 and gone to quacks last week about recent weight gain. Now I take an appitite supresent (sorry about spelling) for 30 days. I'm one week in and I am very happy with it. I am able to eat and not be hungry for the first time ever.

    I found there are lots of diets out there and have never been one to go the whole 'only eat 3 things or less' diets but i have found low carb work well for people who can go without bread or pasta, I am not one lol.

    anyone else had luck with diets?

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    The only diet that has ever worked for me is one of the milkshake ones ( although I would have other stuff too cos no energy). But then I had stomach acid problems. I'm also 26 and In need of weight loss 15-20kg I wouldlove. Can I asked what the doc put u on. As a nurse it interests me, what's avail. If it's duromine be careful - i know ppl who took it and did loose weight but had bad side affects ( it's made from similar stuff to speed)

    Good luck

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    Buy the body trim system.......

    It allows you to have EVERY food group .... but at the right times of day etc and there is a 'free day' so you can have something 'naughty' you are craving and get it out of your system.

    Bread is allowed at breakfast.... pasta/rice on free day only.

    Honestly though, I don't even class bread rice n pasta as food, their nutritional value is all but mute. You can get much better else where.

    I think most people need to change the way they think about food. It's NOT a reward, it's fuel. It's what keeps your body going. HOWEVER, we are all human and we will 'want' things that aren't good fuel. The beauty of bodytrim system gives you the opportunity to have these and counteract any ill affects on weightloss.

    So when you reach goals in weightloss, reward yourself with new shoes, or a massage, or a new outfit. Something you love that's not food.

    I didn't find body trim until after I had lost over 15kg, I did it all by myself by cutting out all 'starchy/useless' carbs... NO bread rice pasta potato pumpkin and then the obvious culprits, NO chocolate lollies icecream softdrink sugar in coffee etc.... 2 years after I'd lost the weight a friend asked for help understanding the Bodytrim system, I bought it, read it, listened and watched to discover (all bar a few small and specific things) it was what I had done. GREAT now it's packaged for other people to have success with....

    Good luck!!

    Ps.... you NEED to WANT to do it! Getting your head in the right spot is more than half the battle and probably the hardest part of all.

    Also it is based on REAL food, stuff you buy from the supermarket and can access ALL THE TIME. It's a lifestyle change and re educates you on how your body reacts to food and how different foods effect your insulin etc.

    I really dislike and DIET based on meal replacements, they are crap IMO, don't get me started on sureslim, Tony, Betty etc.

    Bodytrim offer protein shakes etc as a convenience, but they are advised to be used VERY sparingly and only when REAL food is unavailable. They have things like cookies etc as well that can be handy for curbing a sweet craving in the middle of your week cycle, however after 3 days of detoxing you will find the sweet cravings truly do dissappear.
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    tessalyon - yeah thats what I'm on. I went through with the doc about all the side affects and risks. So far no bad side affects.

    Shelby - i will have a look at bodytrim.

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    Good luck... let us know how you go!

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    Occasionally I drink some bad water - not on purpose, and lose 2kg or so with the resulting tummy upset. It's no fun to lose weight that way.

    Sometimes I bump the amount of exercise I'm doing or the intensity and that always peels a bit off. Since the hockey season is mainly a winter thing - I gain weight in summer (Christmas parties) and lose it over winter.

    When I am feeling vaguely unhappy about my weight - or more likely how my clothes aren't fitting, I go for portion control - ie just a little bit less of everything I usually eat. And I try to swap to healthier snacks ie more carrots, less toast and jam.

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    My OH did the Sacred Heart Soup Diet a couple of years ago.
    I works really well... if you can stick with it.

    I couldn't handle it myself, the same soup every single day... I gave up on day 2 lol but he did it for the entire week and lost about 4kg.
    As expected he put weight on after he stopped the diet but it was minimal, end result after 2 months (with 1 week breaks in between) was over 10kg.

    How to Follow the Sacred Heart Diet |

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    2 large tins of any canned tomato (stewed, diced or whole plum)
    Green onions for taste
    Beef bullion to taste (a few small envelopes or teaspoons ought to do)
    Dry package of chicken noodle soup mix
    Bunch of celery, chopped
    2 cans of beans
    2 lbs. carrots
    1 bell pepper (green, red, orange or yellow)
    Generous handful of chopped mushrooms
    Vegetable cocktail
    1/2 to 1/4 head of shredded cabbage
    Yup, that would put me off eating too.

    Just reading the ingredients on stock - anything shop bought - puts me off. What is "natural flavour" and how can that be legal to list as an "ingredient".

    Same for the chicken noodle soup...

    I think I'd try to find a minestrone soup recipe that uses unprocessed ingredients. What kind of beans? And what is a "green onion"?

    But I'm afraid the closest I get to soup is stew - ie once I've thrown a bunch of ingredients together - it's hard to bring myself to thin it to "soup" consistency.

    Sometimes I make pumpkin soup but by the time I've finished with it, it ain't diet food.

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    The taste wasn't too bad, I'm just not a big soup person in general so soup every day was a bit .

    Green onions are spring onions... should have read it properly before I posted it, the one we used was an Aussie version not a US one, I don't have the link for that one anymore unfortunately.

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    The only diet that really works is the "eat properly and don't over eat" diet in my books.

    I have heard good stuff about body trim, hoswever, like all diets I am not sure how sustainable it is becuase it isn't easy to know when you should eat, what you should and how much on any given day unless you are a qualified nutritionalist.

    In the Western world, we eat and eat and eat and eat. We eat far too much food. We eat food that is filled with sugar, salt, fat and preservatives.

    Restaurants are considered 'good value' if the servings are massive. We force children to eat everything on their plate before they leave the table. We enourage them to eat when they are not hungry. We reward ourselves with a cuppa and cake or a choccie, we socialise with friends at the pub or a cafe or restaurant. We have bbqs and dinners and even morning tea get togethers. We live for food. Our world revolves around food. We are told to eat 3 times a day or even 5 times a day to help your metabolism.

    Added to that is the food we eat is pre-packaged, pre-made, filled with fillers and preservatives. It is filled with sugar, with fat and with salt. Then we add more. We add more salt, more butter, more sugar.

    The answer is simple. Putting the answer in to practice is a lot harder.

    1. Stop eating pre-packaged food. If it doesn't grow on the ground, under the ground, on a tree, vine or bush, in water, on top of water or eat food from the ground or water - then don't eat it.

    Why is it that people will argue about feeding their dogs naturally, the way they did before they 'evolved' and yet we can't apply the same thought to ourselves?

    2. Stop eating so much. Eat only when you are hungry and not because it is 'dinner time'. Learn to read your body's signals, not your brain. Serve yourself dinner on a bread and butter plate so that you start to get the idea into your head how much you shoul dbe eating. Learn that it is ok to leave food on the plate. yes, somewhere in the world someone is starving - so send money to them instead of tripping on guilt and killing youself for it. Tip the left overs into the bin.

    3. Think about you activity levels. You don't need to run a mile or lift weights. Just get out and MOVE.
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