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    Unhappy Manners

    do you ever get the feeling that some people on public forums forget about manners. i am on alot of forums and keep seeing the same thing over and over. if someone disagrees with something that is written they ark up and attack the person who wrote it. what ever happened to "I don't agree with what you said" then state the reasons. why do people seam to think its ok to insult, attack and belittle people just because it is online? is this truely what the world has become? And what shocks me most is it is not only teenagers but adults doing this.

    This is not aimed at anyone here. another forum has caused me to write this. I know it may sound cheesy but cant we all just get along and accept people have different opinions? yes arguee and debate the issues but keep the personal attacks and bad language out of it.

    just my opinion.

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    I agree but I must confess to being guilty of going on the attack.

    I have an ego and I don't like people to treat me as though I am stupid. I also have a quick temper. To be fair, I have learnt to control much of this exceedingly well even if I do say so myself, but there are times when my control is a little lacking. This might be due to other influences, like having a bad day or even hormones and tiredness. I am human as is everyone else out there in cyber land.

    I think poor behaviour in general is emphasised on forums because people are more easily able to get away with it. Social restrcitions are not seen as strongly, so people think it is ok to voice tings that in a face to face conversation they may not do.
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    I have found also that the written word comes across no where close to how it would in person.. and its often miss interpreted ...

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    I will often do a fake ark up because I enjoy the reaction of the other person, if im being completely honest.

    Also, I dont have manners in RL so Im not likely to have them on a forum LOL

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    Guilty here too, although I fly off the handle in 'real life' as well.

    I don't like personal attacks, name calling and the like, but if someone says something I disagree with I have no problem voicing my opinion, passionately if need be.
    And if said person happens to take what me: a stranger on the internet, has written and decides that I am 'judging them', 'picking on them' or any of the like, that not really my problem honestly, they asked for opinions and they got it.

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    I think the difference is that in cyber-land, no-one sees your face, and no-one hears you speak, so potentially a lot of conflict is caused by our own interpretation and assumption of how the person wants their words to sound, which words need a particular inflection... and we all know what happens when we make assumptions.

    I also think there is a difference to telling someone, 'what you wrote is the most lame-assed excuse for logic on the planet' to 'you are the most lame-assed person on the planet for writing that'. There is a huge difference. First attacks the words, second attacks the person. Not everyone will even be able to see, read or understand the difference... so yet another problem!

    If someone is out and out rude, then you bet, I will jump on in and not mince words. Likewise for bullying, and outright stupidity - infact, my favourite phrase is "Did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast?" - but I do try to put it in a way that's not low-rent, if you know what I mean. You can put someone on the spot without having to attack them personally to achieve your aim.

    To me, deliberately winding people up so they will react is pretty cheap. When I came to this forum looking for support after I was responsible for giving Rosie bloat - well, let's just say, if I had been wound up over it, the results would have been bloody. That's not sport, it's not fun (nor is it funny), and I've found over time, leaves one with a reputation for being great for pretty much nothing other than being a 'mouth' - it would be a shame to see that sort of behaviour become regular here on Dog Forum.

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