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Thread: How Do I Add Photos?

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    Default How Do I Add Photos?

    I have no idea how to add photos, im feeling very stupid right now since everyone else has managed to do it.
    please give me some tips!

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    There are 3 I add photos.

    1) Photobucket-
    *Sign up to Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
    *Click "upload now"
    *Choose your photos
    *Upload them
    *Click the uploaded photo and copy the IMG code onto here
    The code will look like this but with no spaces. (i need to add spaces otherwise it will be an image)
    [IMG] .jpg[/IMG]

    However when you post it, it will turn out like this-

    2) Attachments
    *Scroll down when you are either replying or starting a thread (under the Submit/Preview Post buttons)
    You'll see a green bar that says 'additional options'
    *Go down to Attach files & click 'manage attachments'
    *Click Browse and find the photo you want.
    *Click upload and wait for it to upload and it will automatically attach it under your post.

    3)Insert URL Image
    If the image is already on a website (facebook etc) right click and select "copy Image location"

    *In the 'reply or start a thread box there is a tool bar to change the fonts/sizes/Smilies/quotes etc.
    *Click this one

    Then paste the "copy Image location" address into that and it will post it as an image.

    Hope one of these ways helps you! I'm sure someone will post if they have an easier

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