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Thread: Hair Extensions

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    Thanks Hyacinth!

    I do get a lot of calcium but maybe it's not enough!

    I eat lots of greens and diary (cheese, milk, yoghurts) and I have red meat a couple of times a week, and I drink plenty of water as well.

    I'm not a huge fan of fish but I eat it when I have too. And I only really like cashews!

    I was thinking of taking a supplement but not too sure whats really in them.
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    i always feel guilty when I eat cashews.

    i got told about how they are harvested and getting them out of their shells permanently damages the fingers of small children

    I still eat them tho. Not quite as good as walnuts for the omega 3s.

    I also eat a fair bit of pesto - which involves the whole meal pasta, leafy greens chopped fine, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts (or other nuts), and parmezan. Ie everything you want to be eating for good healthy hair. And I usually skip the blender stage ie don't bother pulverising the stuff together before I put it on the pasta...

    And you can use that as a base for so much more - ie add anchovies or chicken or bacon or chilli or etc etc...

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    No idea about extensions, just wanted to add I knew some girls at school who used them (blonde ones with black hair ) and they looked awful! They were putting them in themselves though, tasteful and professionally done ones will look amazing!

    I cut my bust length hair into a bob in Jan 09. I had trims done regularly, every 5-6 months taking about an inch off each time, and only now is it getting back to its original length. I got sick of the frizz and since I did it, I've learned a ton about looking after my hair and what works best for me.

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    If you are thinking about a supplement. Take Silica.

    My mother-in-law is very into herbs and natural healing... she is always telling everyone about how good silica is for hair, skin and nails =)

    Google it and see what you think. It is derived from a plant.

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    I wish I could slow sown how quick my hair grows lol. My hair is layered and goes to just and inch above my bum. I am under strict orders not to cut it all off because im getting married in October. I can have it trimmed though. You can always tell when people have hair extensions and I think it looks tacky. Just let it grow your hair will be so much more healthy and look alot nicer. All the girls I know that have had them done have had there hair fall out, and just generally made it unhealthy.
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