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Thread: Piercings.

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    Yep, wont be going to a hairdresser at all, will be going to a proper piercing place

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    Love piercings!

    Yep make sure oyu go to a proper place, less chance of infection.

    I have had 14 holes in my ears, and removed 4 due to infections etc...currently have 10 in ears (4 in one and 6 in the other - one of which is in tragus)

    I have my naval peirced which I got done with one of those old fashioned ear guns about 16 or 17 years ago....I am the only person I know that hasnbt had it grow out when done with an ear gun and I wore it right through my pregnancy as well.

    I have also had my labret and my lip pierced (right above the labret)...loved them

    Did removed the facial piercings in Dec 09...I turned 30 and thought perhaps I was getting a bit old. They closed up fast though and when I changed my midn a month later and wanted them back in it was too late.

    Probably just as well though because the back of the labret stud sat right on my guns at the bottom of my teeth and I no longer have that peice of gum, its just rubbed right off. Lip ring never caused any probs though.

    Here is a pic of my facial ones (I wish I never took em out yet, coulda had them for an extra few years considering I look pretty young). I used to wear a ring in the top one more often that the stud though.

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    i love piercings and tatts XD I have my nose pierced,my belly button and my ears- the lobe and the tops plus my tragus- and if the damn horse hadn't ripped out some ear piercings causing scar tissue i would have a heap more in my ears :/

    did have my labret done breifly but it got caught on somethign while i was sleeping and ripped out so had to take it out to heal and never got back around to having it done again.

    also remeber to check that the person actually giving you the piercing is the one holding the qualifications to do so and not just the place of business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DogHappy View Post
    I got my belly ring done at 15 on my birthday;

    Dad walks in; want a belly ring?
    me; are you high?
    dad; going 1.... going 2....
    me; YAY, yes please....

    Your best to go to tattooist's what ever you do dont go to hair dress's they are meant for hair not pieces. Got my ears done as kid at hair dress's and they snapped the ring in my ear while they did it... and because of that it didnt go though straight and now my ear rings dont sit straight... GRRrrrr
    sorry to be digging up an old thread, i was jsut browsing the board and came across this thread......

    i think its fair to say that i am almost to the point where i am addicted to both tattoos and piercings.

    ive got a tattoo on my arm that goes from the back of my shoulder to below my elbow (a moari family design) ive got on on my chest, one on my back, and one on my calf.....ive also got a few piercings, 2 in my left ear lobe, 1 in the right, my left tragues, my tongue, my nose the back of the neck, used to have my eyeborw done too......

    id personally never go to a tattoo shop to get a piercing done, would you go to a butcher to buy your veges?

    i always get my tattoo's done by tattoo artists (not tattooists) and my piercings done at piercing shops, there are only a few in sydney now so its getting harder to find....

    jsut be careful where you get em done, ask heaps of questions, make sure they only use single use needles, and they dont use piercing guns on anything other then the ear should also be signing a sheet saying that you saw the person open the sterile packed needle, and should be able to get after care support if needed (hopefully not though).

    if you feel uncomfortable about any of this then go to the next place. the image of piercing and tattoo shops filled with smoke and with a big hairy biker type in the back corner is long gone, most of these places now days are like doctors surguries.....

    good luck with it all

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