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Thread: Good Bye Melbourne... HELLO TASMANIA!!!

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    Crested it be great to have you on Cherry's cheering squad.
    Thats who she shows Cherry a TM related to my Bubba.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    I'm in Launceston, if you are moving up north we will have to organise future doggy play dates!

    I currently have 2 Miniature Poodles and a Chinese Crested. Another Crested will hopefully be added to our family soon... then another, then another

    Will you be showing yours? Don't worry about the other TM's down here.

    It gets a little like that doesn't it

    Thats great as you will only be about 50mins away from myself as I'm moving to Blackwood Creek, its about 20mins from Cressy (in case you dont know, because i dont, haha)

    I'll see how things pan out I'll put Cherry in some shows and see how we go. As Cherry is my only Entire dog my Aussie is desexed and my BC is not pedigreed. But, I'm planning on getting a another couple of BC's later on after traveling and plus other half wants a bloodhound... that ill end up look after... haha.

    So i take it you show am i right?? Have meet you at couple of shows and show me whats what, who's who etc lol
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    Haha, I'll show you who the cool crowds are at shows... or you can just come hang out with me
    We are very laid back here at shows. Set your gazeebos up and have a few social drinks between groups.

    Oh I know that feeling of OH wanting something YOU end up looking after. That's why I put my foot down when he wanted an Akita... no way am I dealing with all that hair

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