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Thread: Kids Back at School

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    With my work experiences and knowledge, not many families with kid with disability and ASD spend less than raising able body kids. Esp one of the parents with a kid ASD often opts to stay home to take care of their child due to very limited support available which can lead to financial disadvantage in many ways. AS CD said gov't offers therapies but they are very limited considering kids with ASD needed therapies indefinitely....well I think i should stop here....

    Going back to fees etc...I have a nephew who is an overseas student doing year 12...I just paid almost $35,000.00 for 2 terms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazydog View Post
    I guess if you where not interested in getting the best possible outcome you could nearly do it with the goverment payments but it still would not cover everything.
    I think different states have different opportunities. My mum's on Centrelink payments, as is my dad, and they get paid extra to cover my brother's expenses. They got heaps of free stuff given to them including a Springfree trampoline from Disability SA which they then sold on Ebay a year later. School fees and petrol are all paid for.

    It just seems like working parents with healthy kids end up doing it tougher than parents on Centrelink with disabled children. But that's a different topic anyway :P

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    I am in NSW & have lived in QL & both offer an extra mimiumal amount for having a child with a disability to help cover meds,therepy, transport & the rest of extras that come with having a disabled child.
    It's very sad that they sold the trampoline but most parents with sick & disablied children
    that I know would not do that & in a childs lifetime alot more things are needed for therpy than a trampoline. The fuel would be dockets to cover specalist appiontments & if child need disability transport to school. Yes your parents may rort the system but really for those wanting to do the best by their children it just dose not cover it all. I am happy to pay taxes to giva a little extra to disavantaged families in these situations.
    I do agree alot of hard working families are doing it tuff though & we just sent hay to QL because we know they where doing it tuff before the floods.
    At least it sounds like you have your life headed in the right dirrection & wont have to reley on goverment payments I appuloud your drive but sometimes you can do everything seemily right & end up needing help anyway.
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