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Thread: So Where Did You Grow Up!?

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    I'm a Tassie girl

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    South Coast NSW


    I live at Batemans Bay (4 hours South of Sydnet & 1.5 hours east of Canberra)
    We moved here when I was 1 from Mount Druitt

    I still have the same friends and everything! I seriously have no interest in moving. I love this place.
    Here are some things that keep me here:
    2 minute drive to here.

    if I don't drive I can take the kids the kids for a 5 min walk to here:

    We live a few kms from a Zoo, yo can hear the lions roaring at night. For $60 you can get a yearly pass and go everyday if you wanted to.

    I couldn't think of a better place to live and raise kids. I still have the same friends from when I was 4 to now at 20.

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