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    I collect dog tags, this is just a small sampling of what I have so far. I am looking to add more, so if you have any you wish to mail over PM me for my mailing address. Have not one from Australia yet :S. I collect expired rabies tags and Licenses. I know Rabies is non existant in Aus. But anyway heres my collection

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    Cool idea I have a few you could have & a imp tag also.
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    What is an IMP tag? I am also in Canada, if you dont mind spending a little extra to mail. Just shoot me a pm if you want to

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    I think it is a great idea, but i only register my dogs for lifetime (NSW) and the ones that i have are of dogs that have passed and are very sentimental. but I will check with some friends , who are not as sentimental :-)
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    We only have yearly registration here. I dont want ones from pets that are deceased, just ones from current pets that are expired. I have a couple collars that have tags from previous pets.

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    An imp tag is a tag that comes on imported dogs that go through quarrintine not sure if they still do it though.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Great, never seen one of those

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