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    Have you heard of Hachi, the legendary Akita?

    There are an American remake of the story of the dog but I prefer the japanese one. Here is the link:
    YouTube - Hachiko Monogatari , Part 1 (English subtitles!)

    You need a box of tissues and your dogs around!
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    I watched the American version and it definitely made me teary. I had to go hug my girl towards the end. I really love the movie (and the story behind it).

    I remember watching a thing on Dog Whisperer where Cesar Milan talked to an Akita rescue and they said they were worried that people would rush out and get an Akita after watching the movie without knowing about the breed. Not sure if there was any evidence of this happening after the movie though.

    Either way, I loved the movie. There are some dog movies that everyone should see at least once and this is definitely one of them.

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    Yes it's a buetiful story.
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