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Thread: Saddle Experts Wanted.

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    Mine is a hubertus brand.

    Also very expensive european brand - when new.

    Mine is a bit like the proverbial axe - eg been repacked a few times and needs new seat leather, but is the most comfortable saddle I've ever spent time in - which is why I've still got it, even though my horse has gone to horse heaven.

    I tried a wintec once, got blisters because it rubs and grips in ways my skin could not cope with.

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    I used to love me Hubertus Hya but found it quite difficult at times to fit many differing horses,but was specially good on the ponies.Was a wonderful saddle.

    The new Keiffers and KN's dont float my boat much I must say,so much change now ( for the better of course ) And you're not the only one that didnt find the Wintec comfy though I did,as tough as nails as well.The kids have it now .
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