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    Well i am not a drinker but I went a little wild on nye & have been paying for it, lol. I woke up on the first with my head in a bucket & it toke 2 days to get over it. Next year I will go back to the quiet night in as I must be way too old for wild nights, lol.................
    Did everyone have a good start to the year I hope so?

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    LOL I'm sure many people spent new years day with their head in a bucket.

    I had a great night watching my husbands band at their gig with my 9 year old daughter.

    I didn't over do the alcohol so I was fine the next day.

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    I stayed home this year for NYE. My kid was meant to go to Brisbane with the grandies on the 27th for a week but decided she wasnt going so we were stuck at home lol.

    nevermind, always next year

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    well you where both much smarter than I, lol...................

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