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Thread: My Fridge Magnets from Afghanistan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    And that's the trouble with a good soldier. Most of them don't feel quite complete? finished? if they don't go somewhere dangerous with a fight / war. Even if it's the engineering squad sent to build airstrips, bases and schools. Sigh.
    For some, like my son, it is the great extra money they get that helps set the family up.

    Mostly they do not get a choice. They are sent on deployment and that is that. Iraq was a "you are going" deployment. That is what they sign up to do if needed.

    This trip of my son's was a hands up to go one. He was there as part of a media unit.

    His wife negotiated with him.
    If he went for the 2 months then she would get to go to New York for a week (no kids) to see her great friend who has married and moved there.
    This will happen in March and my son has leave to be a house hubby with the 4 kids.

    Luckily he is just as good a parent as she is with the kids and the housework.
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