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Thread: Thought I'd Say 'heey'(:

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    Default Thought I'd Say 'heey'(:

    Heey everyone; - feel's like AGES since I've been here !

    How's everyone been? (:

    Thing's have been going pretty good for me. Mollie is officially a year old, turned 1 in October. She is as gorgeous as ever &I feel like I love her more each &every day!

    . . . Well, actually she looks like a tard right now. My dad thought it would be HILARIOUS to get her shaved so she had a pom-pom tail and a big fuzzy head. Whenever I see her now, I can't help but laugh and think how wierd she looks - haha ! So glad the hair is starting to grow back - I love her fuzziness!

    I have a job now &I am very proud to say that I have bought myself a CAR ! a CAR ! :O I'll be 16 on the 30th of this month &I am excited at being able to get my L's. I hate the idea of growing up but love the idea of being old enough to drive myself to partys &stuff >.>

    I am also getting heaps more into photography. My parents have bought me a camera which I will be recieving for Christmas - a Canon 550D EOS SLR, which I have put 700bucks towards &they have AWESOMELY paid the other half(:

    Anyway's, that's alot about myself - how is everyone else been going?
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    I only just came back here too, I went away for a while because of all the crap that was going on.

    Well, quite a bit has happened with me. Go to the thread in General that is called You'll Never Guess What I've Got...

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    Hey Demi,
    I have the Canon 500D, its an Awesome camera! You'll LOVE it!!
    I'll find the links I have to the online books for them, if read up a bit before you get one and It'll help you heaps.

    Good luck getting your license, once you get it you'll wonder how you got anywhere before.. lol Its sucks there are so much hours to build up though, I've been helping my bfs brother out with his. 120 hours is heaps and his other brother gets his next year.. 240 hours between my bfs mum, my bf and myself :/

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    Welcome back Demi!
    I didn't start saving for my car until I was 8 months away from turning 18, you're very on the ball!

    We're(well I know I am), very glad you've come back
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    Welcome back Demi.

    Gratz on the car. My parents bought me my first car when I was 18 (only $600 and I had to pay them back)

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    OH HI!!! Nice to see you about!

    Well done on the car, and congrats on the new camera. I'm jealous... You'll have to post lots of photos now - no excuses...

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    I remember getting my license, it was so great to be able to drive wherever I wanted! Best of luck, and remember to stay safe (no speeding!).

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