Hi members,

I and my partner had car camping with dogs at the Stockton beach and it was just perfect. I will definitely take a fishing rod (more expense ) next time.
I never camped so close to the beach. I was barely 100m away from the ocean. In fact I was worried too much i could not sleep well despite of very comfortable sleeping arrangement.

I found funny that dogs wer tired too. I thought they were sleeping while driving etc, so I though they would ask another walk when we got Sydney yesterday but I was wrong. They had dinner and then went to their beds at 7pm and did not even move until we wake them up at 7:30am.

I did not take much photos this time as i forgot to recharge the camera so i did a few snap shots with camcorder. I will add some photos to my album later this week. Any suggestion for camping with dogs will deeply be appreciated by us. Happy camping!!!