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Thread: Goodbye

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    Since I am pretty sure most people are reading this thread by now...I will put this last post here.

    I was appointed by Morgan as the Moderator of this Forum. I have been in contact with him and I have his full support.

    You have a choice can stay or you can can move on or move out! If you have an issue with what I am moderating and feel hard-done always have a choice to contact Morgan.

    People want a Forum they can come to and that is what they will get. Personal attacks...nasty comments...snide insinuations etc will not be tolerated anymore. They will be deleted on the spot. Questioning Admin and Mods decisions in public will not be tolerated. Repeated "offenders" of this will be banned. You have an issue...take it private and we will sort it out

    Judge...your comment was WAY out of line! My life is MY life to share and not for you to plaster over the internet! If I want it plastered here...I will do it myself! If I want to share personal info...I choose when, how and where!

    These last 24 hours have been disgusting in here to be honest. You talk about hostility...have a good look at posts and see who is slinging the hostility and nastiness.

    Steve Courtney said yes to offer his free time here and he gets a flogging with some pretty nasty and defaming comments from one member in particular. He was accused of "flogging a product", but how is that ANY different to GSD "flogging" her treats in here! If nothing else...that thread really proved the pack mentality in here! It might have started with difference of opinions, but sure as hell did not end that looked more like a public lynching! At what point were you pressured into taking his advice. It is a free country and you can use him if you want to or not! You all talk about using non-aversive methods! I think Steve conducted himself VERY calm and non-aversive when he was being questioned left, right and centre...he for sure wasn't the one sling accusations and insinuations around!

    Bordeaux has said her goodbye's and I wish her all the best

    Thread closed!
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